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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bidroha-Suffer Till Death

I'm only just starting to discover the Nepalese death metal scene, and it remains consistently impressive. Bidroha are one of the mightiest groups from this mysterious mountain land and their hard thrashing attack will impress metalheads the world over. Their sound is remarkably professional and they have some wonderfully tight riffs giving them a healthy dose of heavy metal flavor. These guys have a distinct attack and surely create some vicious mosh pits when they play live, in other words, Bidroha's new record Suffer Till Death is not one to be taken lightly. 

What makes Suffer Till Death really fascinating is the way that it filters a Bay Area Thrash sound through a Eastern context. In other words, while many of the riffs may have a classic San Francisco veneer, when you really dissect them you find a cool Nepalese touch. This also goes for the vocals, with a couple bits sung in Nepalese coming through with lots of flavor. The singers delivery is wonderfully tasty, he has a clear aggression and his touch of an accent helps to keep things exotic. Bidroha understand the core elements of thrash metal and when they play it, they just seem to want to turn it up, creating a pure moment of heavy metal catharsis.

In conclusion, Suffer Till Death, while maybe not a groundbreaking thrash record is certainly an interesting one. With spicy solos and crushing rhythms, Bidroha prove their place as lords of their scene, ready to take on any challenge and bring the mosh across the globe. These guys could do big things in the near future and watching them take off will be a pleasure. With a groove that simply can not be forgotten this is one of those records that beats its way into your skull and then destroys the furniture. Dive on into the pit and turn Suffer Till Death up, you won't regret it.

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