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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Black Trip-Goin' Under

Hard and heavy rock and roll reeking of the late 70's English rock scene? Yes please! Black Trip's new record Goin' Under is eight tracks of delicious Thin Lizzy and UFO flavored rockers that give their own twist on a classic sound. With fringes of the occult and a wonderful dedication to their music, this is the sort of album that you can really get off on. Simply put, with Goin' Under Black Trip not only invoke the spirit of rock and roll, but they get at something else, something more. Perhaps its the fact that these guys are all more known for heavier acts (Three members are ex-Nifelheim) but maybe it's just that when this group of five guys gets together, magic has to happen.

One of my favorite aspects of Goin' Under and something that comes up again and again throughout the record are the melodic guitar lines. I really dig the New Wave of British Heavy Metal feel it adds to the album and certainly keeps things interesting. The thing is though, the guitar tone and production feel much more reminiscent of UFO than Maiden, so take that NWOBHM comparison with a grain of salt. Black Trip is bringing the old school heavy vibes, but in a way no one has ever done it before. Beyond all the 70s iconography and riffs, there is something more, an element that is distinctly 2014, that speaks to the beauty of these musicians darker heritage.

There are a lot of layers to Goin' Under and I don't have the time to describe them all in this short review, yet it is certainly something worth digging in too. Black Trip have created a powerful statement with this record and it bodes well for the future of the band. Contrasting darker moments with parts filled with an incredible infectious joy, I'm excited to hear more from these guys as they evolve. They capture a very distinct vibe very well and I think that not a lot of bands can claim to have the authenticity and power they do, so come on and fill up your plate, Black Trip is going to rock you tonight!

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