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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bloody Hammers-Under Satan's Sun

All year I've been going on about how 2014 is the year for rock and roll, and there are so many great examples of this. My latest rock band to praise now is Bloody Hammers, a desert rock group off Napalm Records. A group who are really starting to make a name for themselves on a sound based off crunchy riffs and chanted vocals. Their new record, Under Satan's Sun is an instant classic, from the opening hit, The Town That Dreaded Sundown you are mesmerized and drawn in, a slave to the beautiful rock and roll madness of Bloody Hammers.

There is something really engaging about the fuzzy vibes of the Bloody Hammers sound. The guitar tone is highly enjoyable and as I dig into it I have to say I feel like I have found love. There is a very distinct classic rock vibe, yet it is run through a modern context. These guys worship Alice Cooper, but it's not hard to hear touches of bands like Type O Negative impacting the sound. You feel the riffs reach down and they hit somewhere deep, getting at something special, the sort of beautiful musical madness that only comes once a generation if you're lucky. Somehow, Under Satan's Sun draws you in, yet it's not like any of its peers, the mysterious beauty around it defies words, but simply digs in under your skin.

I'm probably just a silly romantic, but this is the sort of record that suggests to me that there are still new and exciting things to be done in rock and roll music. With poignant grooves and a beautiful understanding not just of what they are trying to do, but how to do it, Bloody Hammers get at the soul. It's easy to fall in love with Under Satan's Sun and as I spin it again and again I become aware I am wholly under its spell. So come, join me in these dark satanic mills, working to find the light, yet not the light that most point to, instead the beautiful darkness found under Satan's sun.

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