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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Devangelic-Resurrection Denied

Devangelic is the kind of death metal you blare to annoy your neighbors. I know because that's exactly what I'm doing right now. The primitive crush of their new record Resurrection Denied is exactly what I think of when somebody says 'brutal death metal' to me. While it may not be the most original record to come out this, by god is it satisfying. Digging into Resurrection Denied is simply a lot of fun with tons of triumphant chugs, brutal growls, ad terrifying blast beats that seem torn straight from the deepest depths of the blackened pit of Tartarus.

The raw brutality of Resurrection Denied is beautiful because it simply refuses to let up. After a while you start to feel suffocated by the immortal magic of tracks like Apostolic Dismembering. The ridiculous track names also bring in a wonderful old school Carcass feel. Devangelic certainly have a great understanding of what it means to be playing not just death metal, but bonecrushing music in general. Their use of Death Metal English is stellar and leads to all sorts of twisted vocal passages that simply boggle the mind. While after a while the unrelenting crush might get old, there is a certain triumph to something that stays this heavy for this long, death metal ascension.

Devangelic are going to grind your bones to dust. Their is no respite from their all consuming power, and I like it that way. So come on in, revel in the blood, find your peace at the end of the journey, or not. Instead, let the album closer, the simply destructive Devouring the Consecrated (Another sick album title) eviscerate you and impale your head on a stick. Turn Devangelic up, annoy your family, drive your neighbors mad, and most of all, pay heed to the all consuming evil of Resurrection Denied. This is what death metal is supposed to sound like kids!

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