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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Deep In Hate-Chronicles of Oblivion

Deep In Hate are one of the most legendary bands on my local scene, so I jumped at the chance to review their new record Chronicles of Oblivion. This is the kind of deathcore that rips out throats. Reminiscent of groups like Suicide Silence and All Shall Perish, Deep In Hate are the sort of group who have that crushing bottom end that will always appeal to metalheads across the globe. With a fondness for super tight blast beats and crunching grooves, Deep In Hate will capture your heart and then skewer it on a stick, all the better for roasting.

The influence of bands like Whitechapel has always been very clear in the Deep In Hate sound, and this record is no exception. But in the punishing rhythms of tracks like The Cattle Procession, we start to get a sense that Deep In Hate are in fact finding themselves. As they dig deeper to put out top notch material, Deep In Hate is finding all sorts of powerful musical twists and turns that take them well out of the standard deathcore vibe that they pursued for so long. There is something wonderfully oppressive about these guys, their sound crushes the bones and leaves you weak, a victim to the all powerful forces of the French metal scene and truly extreme music.

Toss in some hyper technical frills, powerful growls, and you start to realize, Deep In Hate have used Chronicles of Oblivion to somehow summon the true spirit of deathcore. This record is right and has a lot of showy passages (In particular, Bastos's drumming is mindboggling. So dig in and relish the blood, Deep In Hate are finding themselves and we all will profit. Chronicles of Oblivion may very well be the greatest deathcore record of the year. This is the sort of thing that makes me proud of the French scene and reminds me heavy metal will never die.

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