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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Narsamhaar-Genocide Euphoria

Regular readers know that I have a special place in my heart for death metal in developing nations. Few bands from more economically developed countries capture the sort of magic and primitive power that these bands get at. They have a certain legitimacy that the American and European bands simply can't imitate. Perhaps their is no better example of this than Narsamhaar and their new record Genocide Euphoria. While it may be a crunchy and bone rattling record, it is also filled with something intensely personal, you get the sense that the members of Narsamhaar are engaging in some sort of group therapy with songs like "I'll Shove You Six Feet Under".

The riffs on this record tend to be rather stripped down, reminiscent of very early Death, or even Mantas. This is compounded by death metal dungeon level production values, which only add to the sheer honestly of the music. The contrast of fast and slow done under some harsh and brutal growls gives the entire record a marvelous desperation. That is not to say there aren't more refined parts, the entry riff of God Wants My Blood could stand up on any Slayer record. At times the sheer heaviness found on Genocide Euphoria starts to feel confining, like you are trapped under a crushing weight of death metal destruction. This is what really allows Narsamhaar to stand apart as musicians, they can come out and simply grind you to death with music so heavy there is no recovering.

As I dig deeper into this record I'm finding that, it quite frankly, is a little bit magical. Replete with a colossal bottom end and reveling in the death metal destruction it brings down upon the masses, Narsamhaar will go straight for the throat. I will certainly be revisiting this band in the future, if only because their drive and backstory are so unique, it demonstrates the beauty that death metal really has. The saving grace of those who have nothing and look for some kind of recognition and honor. Narsamhaar have found it and Genocide Euphoria is some of the most devastating death metal you will hear this year!

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