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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Embalmed-Brutal Delivery of Vengeance

Embalmed is the kind of dead ahead death metal band who have one mission, seek, destroy, and kill. This is the kind of death metal destruction that transcends mere words but instead speaks to something greater, a sort of dedication to evil that few can match. These guys show off a very tight attack on their new record, Brutal Delivery of Vengeance and it is this attack that is going to make the band succeed. Toss in some tight death metal riffs replete with crunchy bass lines and you have yourself a record from a band who could be very special.

The immediate blaring attack of Brutal Delivery of Vengeance kind of pulls you right in, it showcases the magic of death metal destruction and will leave you smashed to a pulp. The colossal bottom end and terrifying crush on some of these tracks pulverizes the  bones. The only respite from this terrifying attack is the frequent use of sampled dialogue to start off or conclude a track. This actually gives a lot of flavor to Brutal Delivery of Vengeance and even adds a sort of deranged humanity. Really, it is this idea of deranged humanity that drives the entire record forward, be it in disgusting, yet triumphant riffs, or simply punishing vocal lines, such as the ones found in Insurgent Killer.

In conclusion, if you want blood, you've got it. Embalmed are the sort of death metal band who pull you back by your manky hair and then beat your face into the wall. Brutal Delivery of Vengeance is exactly that, eleven tracks of pit-worthy bone crunching death metal from the abyss. Dig into this record and find new layers of evil, or just give it a spin or two and live off the vibes, suffice to say, this is the kind of record that more people need to, and deserve to listen too. There is no mercy to be found here, instead pure, beautiful, death metal annihilation.

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