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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Flashy Entrance

Now here is an interesting French group, the sort who would be a solid death metal band, but they decide to bring cleans into the mix. Normally I would view this as a big no-no, yet Flashy entrance seem to pull it off fairly well. In fact, in some cases the cleans nicely contrast harsh "Blechs" and the like. Now, I still think the band might be improved by removing cleans entirely, but as is, these guys are pretty darn solid. They have a great sense of how to riff and some of the melodic guitar lines are really tasty. Perhaps the best example of this is on their track Quelques Larmes Pour Te Plaire (Ah yes, the album is entirely in French) which shows off some of the best ideas on their new record Tolérance Zéro (I sincerely hope that's meant as a Death reference) In short, if you like solid death metal with touches of hardcore and clean vocals, then you'll dig these guys, it's essentially more violent metalcore, if you're more of a purist, move on. Yet, for what its worth, Flashy Entrance are on of the tightest acts in their genre that I've heard in a good long while!

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