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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Konkeror-The Abysmal Horizons

Stunning wide open production? Check. Death metal riffs that are to die for? Check. Incredible and fascinating lyrics? Check. Stellar album art? Check, check and check again! What I'm trying to say is Konkeror might be this years Rivers of Nihil. Konkeror have just put out their stunning debut record The Abysmal Horizons which is the kind of death metal record that captures the heart. Now I know that technically this is a re-release, but it's their first time on a real label, so we might as well say it came out this year. Suffice to say, Konkeror understand the spirit of death metal and invoke all of the pure hatred the genre should have. Their sound is deep and beautiful, certainly not for the faint of heart.

See, what Konkeror have is a great sense of how to riff, but on top of that, they also get to structure songs in an interesting and very artsy way. The solos too are simply spectacular, incredibly tasty and rife with flashy moments of technical ecstasy. The bands vocalist has a simply colossal growl, one that rings forth, proud and putrid from the first in the memorable I Monolithic. The Abysmal Horizons has a strange way of dragging in the listener, enslaving them to some of the best pure death metal I have heard all year. I'm on my fifth spin of the record and I'm still discovering new stuff, Konkeror have simply created something that really speaks to the almighty magic of the forsaken genre.

The Abysmal Horizons is not an album to be taken lightly, nor is it one that you'll just spin and forget, no this is proof of Konkerors enduring dedication to brutality, one that few bands can match. This is a stunning debut, filled with exciting ideas and a promise to ride triumphant from here to eternity. Is it too early to call this the best death metal record of 2014? Probably. But one of the best? Most definitely. Barring a very surprising change of events, this might even be the best debut record, you have to jam this, sure there's room to evolve, but Konkeror seem ready to triumph!

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