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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stigmhate-Zodacare Od Zodameranu

Blistering black metal from the darkest parts of Italy, Stigmhate are the sort of destructive force that understand the distinctly evil magic that true black metal should have. These guys have a very tight sound, and one that few of their peers can match. Their new record Zodacare Od Zodameranu has more than a touch of evil about it and speaks to the almighty and evil power of the genre over the weak and poserkind. Stigmhate grasp the brutal truth of our existence and spread it to the people, demonstrating the raw destruction that transcends all things.

Even from the opening evil cries of Aetherion you start to get a sense for the darkness found within this record. Stigmhate seem to be turned on to a sort of inner evil few can even dream of. On top of that, the production is simply brilliant. It allows perfectly constructed songs to become epics (The best example perhaps being Pleroma Apocrifa Mistica) but it also lets the harsh black metal riffs stay fierce. With Zodacare Od Zodameranu it must be said that even though they've been around for almost fifteen years, these guys are not going to slow down soon, and are definitely not losing their edge, if anything, they have only become more fierce.

As we fall into the pit that is Zodacare Od Zodameranu we must be careful to remember to pay our respects to the pagan forefathers, to honor those who came before. Yet, beyond this, Stigmhate are not going anywhere, they are simply getting angrier with age, falling deeper into darkness as they become more aware of the bleakness of this earth. There is a certain power here that only comes from brutal experience, and I think that Stigmhates intelligent and inspiring black metal rage will inspire fans for years, and maybe decades to come!

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