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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Homicide-Annihilation Pit

Bangladesh is a pretty brutal place, a lot of the country is at risk to flood at any moment, corporations run rampant, and it just generally does not seem to have a great vibe. So when a death metal band comes out of a land as desperate and cruel as this one can be, people like me tend to sit up and take notice. Homicide is definitely worth the listen, their debut EP Annihilation Pit is the kind of metal record that captures all of the harshness of life and runs it through a wonderfully brutal meat grinder. Though only four tracks long, you can tell Homicide know where it's at.

From the first, even with the epic opening track, you start to sense the terrifying sense of groove the musicians in Homicide have. It forces your body to shake, rattle and roll as you become a slave to the almight metal forces that none can control. Homicide are a brutal act because they understand the darkness that drives so much great metal. Why do they understand it? Because they've lived it. Their is no doubting the credibility of Homicide as a band, they understand what they are trying to get at because when you live in a world as precarious, and oftentimes repressed as Bangladesh, some simply incredible sounds and ideas spring up from that pool of desperation.

I sincerely hope this isn't the last Bangladeshi band I review, because if Homicide are any indication, this country has a truly top notch scene. Dig into their new record and find something strangely beautiful within the layers of dark (and occasionally muddy) production, you find a record to be reckoned with, one that doesn't play by the rules and seems to be shaping exciting new frontiers for metal. Homicide have a distinct sound and wonderful overall vibe, if you like brutal death metal with a technical edge, well then, this is the band for you!

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