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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hyperborean-Mythos of the Great Pestilence

Black metal fueled by raw anger, that's certainly something we don't get enough of in this day and age. Fortunately Hyperborean are here to help with a sound that resonate of true evil and will send heads banging across the land. Their songwriting ability is impressive and their pure understanding of the wonderful magic of black metal... well, it simply can't be beat. Nevertheless, these guys are still bringing things forward, unafraid to mix in a few exciting experimental elements to a destructive black metal attack. Once you get their what more could you ask for?

See, their new record Mythos of the Great Pestilence gets at the raw evil of black metal, and is filled with a wonderfully dark energy. Even from the first track, the mighty Hail Dystopia, you get a sense for the darkness within the Hyperborean sound. The thing is, these guys really know how to riff and don't hide it. Every song is chock full of exciting ideas that force your body into a weird and unholy motion. After three years of waiting, the sense of triumph on this record is palatable, it is a clear step forward for the band and fills me with the sort of bleak joy that makes so much black metal so good. Hyperborean get to the spirit of the genre we know and love, and then tear out its beating heart for us all to see.

Hyperborean are a fun listen for any black metal lover. Simply put, they get it. They see the purpose of black metal and their lyrics are filled with the incredible gravitas of elder statesmen of the genre. The final track, a simply jaw dropping cover of Blue Oyster Cults Don't Fear the Reaper is simply the icing on the cake, proving that Hyperborean are not a band to be trifled with and will rip out your throat without a moments hesitation. Prepare to fall into the secular haze of this record, simply put, Mythos of the Great Pestilence will consume your soul!

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