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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


What is it about Sweden that death metal bands from that northern land consistently put out top notch material? The country has a mighty scene that has been going on since the late 80s and it shows no sign of letting up. One of the bands who seem dedicated to really driving this forward is Mordbrand with their new record Imago a release that gets to the spirit of all of the beauty of the Swedish death metal scene in 2014. Nine tracks of raging metal madness once you dig in to Mordbrands latest unholy offering there is no true escape.

Simply put, much of the appeal of Imago lies in the fact that it is a pure reflection of the unholy glory of a dark scene. In a world with mallcore and autotune on death growls we find ourselves looking for some form of redemption for the genre we live. This is the appeal of Imago it feels authentic. Sure not every song is a total rager, but instead Imago goes for something a bit more human, meaning that as we dig into it we start to find something out about ourselves. Truth be told, thousands of metal records are going to come out this year, but how many of them seek humanity as opposed to bleak harmonic perfection? Not a lot of bands cite Master as a main influence, and this just shows the huge dedication to the masters of the old school that the members of Mordbrand maintain.

Seriously, look at their list of influences, Massacre before Death? Clearly these guys have a clear direction that strays from the conventional norms. With touches of keyboards outlining an epic  often mid tempo death metal assault Imago doesn't feel the need to conform to any trends. No, Imago does whatever it wants and rips off your skull while doing it. So come on in, taste the glove and find yourself a slave to the unholy might that all true death metal has. Mordbrand are playing it loud and proud, so come on over and love the beautiful darkness found within.

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