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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Beyond The Forest cover art

Valdrin are the kind of epic black metal group who speak to the magic of the American scene. This is what black metal is, and should be about, raging guitar parts, sick vocals, and fairly long songs. Valdrin create a full body experience, taking you in and compressing you into a ball of black metal hatred. As you dig into this record, you start to find the all powerful, almost soul consuming magic of black metal is easily touched on here. Valdrin understand what it is to blare force out of your speaker powered by darkness and raw energy. This is a trip to hell, and by God is it triumphant. Valdrin understand the melancholic side of things too and aren't afraid to show a certain inner darkness that gives the music another interesting frill. Compositionally, Valdrin are tight too, many of the songs off their new record, Beyond The Forest are multi-part epics that really give you something to think about. I'm excited to hear what the future holds for Valdrin as this is some of the most exciting epic American Black Metal I have heard in a good long time!

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