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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Awakening Sun-Imbalance

It's hard to believe that it was only last week that I saw Awakening Sun live. Now I have their most recent record Imbalance to review. I am happy to report that Imbalance is the sort of death metal monolith that you would expect from Lithuania's best metal band. Imbalance is ten tracks of Lamb of God-esque heavy metal torn straight from the pit. That being said, Awakening Sun do a great job of giving themselves a distinct sound on this record and proving their place as metal masters.

Though this was essentially a solo project put together by a teenager, Awakening Sun sound remarkably mature on Imbalance, as if they are crafting an exciting new sound based off youthful energy and impressive technical chops. Ernest, the man behind the band, has some compositional tactics he returns to regularly, but rather than getting repetitive they actually give a sense of unity to his work and allow him to explore within the confines of his personal style. The groovy element of the sound comes through in nearly every song and gets bodies jamming along to unholy beats, blasts that speak to the heart. Imbalance gets to the spirit of an angry young genius and brings it straight to the people.

So open your heart and dive in, Imbalance is the sort of death metal release that will stand the test of time. Awakening Sun's star is rapidly rising, and Imbalance was simply another great step forward. As they prepare to release their third record in 2014 (With only vocals and bass left to record) you get a sense that if they evolve on this record they could take the world by storm. In a world where Whitechapel can have the number 10 record on Billboard in America then it seems feasible that Awakening Sun could be Lithuania's biggest musical export.

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