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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vile Regression-Empires

Technically tinged progressive metal with a clear sense of groove? Yes please. Vile Regression bring a fresh and exciting sound to the table, building off the work of bands like Gojira by tossing in a healthy dose of Animals as Leaders. The end result is a record that could be categorized as progressive metal, but doesn't have a single song over five minutes long. In other words, Vile Regression are prog for an ADD age, fusing inspiring ideas with an attack that any fan can dig into. This sets them apart, and Empire shows them as they are, masters of their own triumphant reality.

For songs billed as 'technical death metal' Vile Regression are surprisingly hooky. The track Raze the Complexity for example shows a band who understand what it means to really get a listener engaged into a song. The riffs are spiralling and beautiful, the kind of thing that you simply get lost in. Vile Regression is helped by the fact that this guy can really growl, with a voice that is a sort of cross between Randy Blythe and Jens Kidman. Digging into Empires is easy, finding your way out of the mystical riff laden world they create is much more difficult. This is the sort of death metal that gets me excited, innovative and refreshing, made for the modern age.

In conclusion, Vile Regression are not going anywhere but up. They have exciting ideas and a wonderful attack. I get the distinct impression that these guys have some even more fascinating ideas in the pipeline. I think once they get a chance to tackle a longer format (Empires is sadly only seven songs long, and two of those are beautiful acoustic interludes) So let your hair fly and body shake, Vile Regression are here, creating a sonic earthquake from which their is no escape. Fall down the rabbit hole, Vile Regression have yet to find the bottom.

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