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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Deus Otiosus - Rise

So the world cup started and I am sitting here on bed, with a new doses of metal and by god it is a great package. This Danish death metal band brings Rise as their third full-studio album. It’s my kind of death metal, full of no bull shit riffs with some melodic parts here and there. While in general it doesn’t feel too special, it’s well put together and it really entertains me. Rise only has a mere nine songs on the record but definitely fulfills as a solid and strong album. Surprisingly the band hasn’t really made it out of Scandinavia yet, which is likely the reason why I haven’t heard of them before. Hopefully this will change with Rise.

The album definitely gives a Morbid Angel plus Deicide vibe and that is a good thing. Both bands I enjoy listening to and this is a one in a package deal. But like I just said, it does feel a bit generic. It is absolutely not bad. The problem however is that after a couple of songs I just feel like I’ve been listening to one very long song. The songs don’t have a unique identity, but all of that doesn’t matter, since that is not what the band is aiming to do. It is exactly what they want it to be, straight into your face death metal and for the fans that is a pleasure to listen to. The amazingly fast ‘Walk The Shadows’ is my favorite of the album and deserves a listen from you all.

In conclusion Deus Otiosus is a great death metal band and enjoys what they are doing. Death metal fans will have a good time checking it out. So time to bang your heads to the destruction that is called Deus Otiosus.

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