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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We Have A Ghost-S/T

Abstract and experimental, We Have A Ghost is the kind of band who make you question your own existence, and even make you wonder "Is this even music?". Atmospheric yet engaging, the bands new record We Have A Ghost captures a very unique and distinct flavor in the metal world, taking the ideas of bands like Nine Inch Nails another step forward and doing away almost entirely with the 'heavy' elements. The end result of this is a unique release that certainly gets the heart going and mind engaged, wondering what to do next.

There are some very interesting sonic landscapes painted by We Have A Ghost on this self titled record. Songs like It Is What It Is are easy to get lost in, feeling much longer than their relatively short duration might imply. See, the structures of a lot of these pieces are very mesmerizing, bring the listener in and then hypnotizing them, turning them into a veritable thrall of the music. Is this sort of mind warping madness triumphant? Yes. Is it also a little terrifying? Indeed it is. The mix of electronic elements with more industrial ideas that I might associate with a more metal context is also interesting and certainly keeps my ears engaged for all ten tracks of We Have A Ghost.

We Have A Ghost seems destined to lull me to sleep, putting my heart at ease as I fall deeper into the strange and ethereal world that these guys paint with some rather minimalist music. While it's certainly not for everyone this kind of experimental and almost entirely instrumental music has always held a very strange appeal for me. Listening to records like We Have A Ghost puts you in a unique state of mind and opens you up to new things, and new worlds. And perhaps that is the ultimate meaning behind this LP, it is mind expansion in its most subtle form.

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