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Monday, June 9, 2014

Jay Smith-King of Man

A Swedish rock hero out to unleash his second solo release. Jay Smith is usually known for his work with the band Von Benzo, but now he seems to be out on a track of his own with the genre sweeping King of Man. This is the sort of modern rock and roll release that has the sort of ubiquity that is almost required to succeed in the modern rock game. You see, King of Man shows us something distinctly human about Jay Smith and it helps all the little people like you and me get a better grasp for what it means to be an artist in his prime.

Part of what makes King of Man so appealing to me is the earthy quality to the music. There is a true depth to what Jay Smith is doing here, like he really wants people to get at the fundamental nature of his music. The result of this is a record that sounds honest, through layers of beautiful production and carefully crafted songs. Jay Smith is a man who really knows how to craft pieces of music, every song here has a unique twist to it, but they all fit in the same general vibe. Even his cover of Cowboys from Hell, which is far removed from the original, brings something new and exciting to the table. This is a labor of love and proves Smith to not just be another rock and roller.

So where does this leave us? Well, we could simply be gaping in the tracks of one of Sweden's rock superstars, but I think that King of Man gives us something more. Jay Smith is revealing the soul of a master to the people and wants us to connect with him and this makes him beautiful. King of Man is an album from a lord of rock, someone who will not be stifled but only turn it up louder. So let yourself be taken in the storm, there's only so much you can take, but Jay Smith will help you with the burden of everyday life. Let down your hair and join the groove, what else can you do?

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