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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Peter Pan Speedrock-Buckle Up and Shove It

Almost 6 in the evening, I've spent all day drinking and working at my new job (Music promotion) so now it's time to tap out another review. This time I bring you Peter Pan Speedrock who are quite frankly one of the coolest bands to come off SPV in quite a while. Sure, they're part of this whole rock revival wave, but quite frankly, their new record Buckle Up and Shove It brings something new and exciting to the table. Yes, Peter Pan Speedrock bring all sorts of Motorhead and even MC5 inspired vibes to the table, and by god do I love it.

See, Peter Pan Speedrock really understand the primal might of rock and roll as an art form. While they might sound twenty (Jesus... It might be thirty now) years out of place their music is still relevant and fun. Songs like Wise Eyed & Thirsty and Loose Women & Loud Guitars depict a kind of hedonistic magic that you don't get in all rock and roll and I think it's important to value Peter Pan Speedrock for that. There is a certain anarchic beauty to tracks like Whatever Man, as if Peter Pan Speedrock have seen past all the lies of modern life and with Buckle Up and Shove It seem to be searching for a much more primal and beautiful way of living.

Peter Pan Speedrock are here to blow your skull out of your head with a liberal dose of rock and roll madness, the sort of chaos that will be on you like 'stink on shit'. So take a look around and find yourself in a rock and roll wasteland, the sort of place that lives on sex, drugs, and general madness. Buckle Up and Shove It is yet another great example of 2014's great rock revival and I think that big things could happen for Peter Pan Speedrock in the future, so let your soul be taken in and fall in love, this is rock and roll, and it will save your soul.

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