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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tombs-Savage Gold

Tombs, for the uninitiated, are a sort of unholy fusion of post punk with heavier, darker stuff, like black metal, and experimental music. Their new record Savage Gold is evidence that these Brooklyn natives are innovators and bringing metal to a whole new level. Their unique take on extreme music is oftentimes inspiring and depicts a metal band who are hungry for success. Alternating between a sublime rage, and moment of dark beauty, Savage Gold is oftentimes an inspiring record and proves Tombs to be one of the most exciting extreme bands out there today.

What's important to know about Savage Gold is that even from the opener, Thanatos, it's easy to lose yourself in the layers of sound that Tomb create. The riffs here, while very much in the black metal tradition, often have a little something more. I won't say there are clear hooks, but rather that Tombs have brought in a very engaging element to their riffs, making songs like Portraits masterpieces that you can spin again and again. This record is wholly satisfying, falling into the strange secular haze produced by Savage Gold is certainly something any metal dude could easily do, Tombs have a clear artistic direction and their songwriting has only improved since 2011's Path of Totality.

Over the past few years Tombs have been on a handful of compilations, three albums, an EP, and a split. Suffice to say, I feel fairly confident stating that these guys will be back fairly soon, building on the mastery that is Savage Gold. Tombs understand where they want to take their music, and for the dedicated lover of extreme metal, few things are better. Filled with interesting riffs and a truly unique take on both post-punk and black metal, Savage Gold is the sort of release that proves how great Relapse is as a label. So get in there, open your heart, and find your way through, to the savage gold within.

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