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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ace Frehley-Space Invader

So the other day I woke and found this gem sitting in my inbox. After running around and screaming with joy for a few minutes I sat down and gave it a listen, and I am happy to report that even after more than 40 years in the industry, Ace Frehley still has what it takes. The 55 minutes of music that make up his latest masterwork Space Invader speaks to the eternal magic of the man's music. Sure he may not be with KISS anymore, but I get the sense that his solo work actually allows him to go beyond the constraints of that band and put together something of truly epic proportions.

There is a wonderful sense of groove on Space Invader, it speaks to the almighty magic of a man who has been doing this for longer than many of his fans have been alive. The vocal lines that Frehley gives us are really well done too. Tracks like What Every Girl Wants and Toys speak to the power of the man as a singer. The party hearty attitude of those songs though is certainly contrasted by more meditative or experimental pieces like Past the Milky Way and Starship. There is a wonderful sense of balance on Space Invader and it allows Frehley to rise up and take you by the throat. This may not be Frehley's ultimate statement, not yet I hope, but it certainly is another gem in his crown.

So what can I say, other than that this record certainly merits its place as one of the most hotly anticipated records of 2014. With fun choruses and great solos, Frehley has only improved with age. I certainly hope that his upcoming tour takes a Philadelphia stop, because the triumph of these tracks is not to be missed. What more is there to write? Ace Frehley is on the top of his game, bringing forth exciting new ideas in a realm where we need more from our old heroes. Feel the grooves and let it take over your soul, Space Invader is about to take off!

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