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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shorthand Phonetics

Shorthand Phonetics are an Indonesian pop-punk band who do not shy away from catchy hooks and powerful choruses. These guys may not be the most serious thing in the world, but by god is their new record Sansa fun to listen too. These guys have a finely polished sound and their talent is obvious. Sure these tracks aren't too technical, but the songwriting prowess behind the band is apparent. Simply put, Shorthand Phonetics are the kind of band you put on while you're working, and makes you feel better about yourself. These guys speak to the heart with their cautious innocence. If you're looking for a serious exploration of the human condition, you might not find it here, but you'll definitely get something that lets you cheer up and crack up, music that humanity needs to keep going. As the band descends into chaos on their EP's final track, The One That Endures Now you realize, that no matter what, this is the kind of band who will stick around, and give us all a hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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