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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Aeron's Wake

Aeron's Wake

Aeron's Wake is an interesting anomaly. You don't get a lot of instrumental folk metal, and this 'violin-fronted' act certainly have a sound that is all their own. See, these guys have a very clearly defined sense of melody, and their riffs have all sorts of tasty frills and nice hooks. Their is something vaguely mesmerizing about the Celtic mystery of these songs, it's apparent even from the first track Tooth & Claw. These guys are not to be trifled with, they craft epic and powerful soundscapes, mysterious and brave new worlds that are a pleasure to explore. Simply put, Aeron's Wake are the kind of innovative and fun metal act who inspire me to keep on digging and finding brave new realms. This band will inspire you and encourage you to dig deeper within yourself, their is a certain atavistic magic to this record that simply can not be forgotten, if you like it heavy, but also enjoy instrumental beauty, this is the band for you, with tight songwriting and gifted musicianship, they stand tall!

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