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Monday, July 28, 2014

Castle Freak

Still Rotting cover art

I met these dudes just the other night, they said they played in a band that sounded kind of like Repulsion, the name? Castle Freak. After a quick interview, I realized I had to give their music a spin and see what I could see. Now, mere seconds in to my first spin of their newest record Still Rotting I see that these guys truly understand old school death metal and their crunchy sound is the kind of thing that will tear you apart. Castle Freak are a band with powerful riffs and sick vocals. There is a real heft to the twin guitar attack, especially in the slower parts. It gives the music a sort of stomp that few bands can claim to have. Meanwhile, the vocal lines seem ripped out of the singer, as if he doesn't want to be singing, but some evil force is making him. Add in some horror inspired lyrics and you have yourself a recipe for a record that will keep you up at night, both in fear and in awe. This is heavy music that will enrage the savage beast and make him mosh until he dies. Open your heart so Castle Freak can open your head, you know you want too.

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