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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Old Habits-Bury Everything

For a band that started out as a joke, Old Habits are damn tight. These crazed hardcore dudes are not the kind of band who you just listen too and then throw away. As the couple who recently got engaged during their set at This Is Hardcore would probably tell you, Old Habits are turned on to something special, something different, and perhaps something greater. This is hardcore done right, with powerful grooves and harsh vocals. It's easy to fall into the rhythms of Bury Everything because Old Habits understand what makes all us extreme music fans tick.

Simply put, while Old Habits sound strangely familiar, but they are not be trying to be formulaic, there is something about their sound that distinctly appeals to the hardcore fan in me. Every element hits just right, bopping you square on the nose before changing gears. The bands singer, Billy Hart really gets what hardcore is all about, when he spits out "This is hardcore, not Shakespeare" you realize that he's talking about a scene that truly matters to his very being. Another line that might suggest this is on the anti-poser anthem Ad Nauseum where he cries "The only place we're alive is within these halls." It's the sort of thing that speaks to the power of the genre, that it could change these men's so drastically as to affect their being, and perhaps this is what we are meant to take from Bury Everything. It's living proof of the undying power of hardcore.

Here I am, running at the mouth like the romantic I am. Yet, when faced with a record like Bury Everything can you really blame me? This is proletariat poetry, hardcore music that speaks to the heart. Old Habits are pumping out crunchy grooves and will not be stopped. Sure, Billy may think This Is Hardcore was the all time peak for this band, but I get the sense greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done here. So, feel the anger and the liberation within, with Bury Everything Old Habits want to tear you to pieces, and frankly, I couldn't think of a better fate.

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  1. Thanks again for such awesome words. We're back writing again, and should have a new album for Summer. Hope to see you again some time soon! Take it easy.