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Saturday, July 5, 2014


Crushing doom metal from the dark forests of Switzerland, Excruciation is the kind of old school death-doom magic that leaves you feeling battered and broken, a thrall to doom metal destruction. This is one of those doom metal bands who have mastered the art of trudging forward, strangely beautiful in the all consuming destructive might of their sound. In their years of working together Excruciation have learned how to write some excellent pieces of music, the song structures have a very clear logic to them yet they feel very natural, flowing forward with the might of a storming bear. The growls are simply unholy, and their is a certain power here, something that has only been given to the true veterans of the underground. Excruciation understand the might of a genre that left God disgusted and they want to bring it to you dear reader. Feel the waves of sound, the chaotic annihilation that is Excruciation and let it keep you in thrall to the power of old school doom metal.

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