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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vie Jester

Vie Jester

Usually when a band bills themselves as 'alternative metal' I delete the request for a review and move on. Yet with Vie Jester I actually found something of powerful substance. Be it in the very open guitar lines or the vocals that are not only not annoying but also full of substance something about Vie Jester sets them apart. The riffing found in Vie Jester's music fuses a lot of elements into a very satisfying whole. On one hand you have some very easy to connect to contemporary hard rock riffs, yet other parts are much more prog oriented. It creates a sound that fans of many different genres of music can enjoy and allows Vie Jester to stand tall. So go forth and enjoy the distinctly unique sound of a band who are unafraid to fuse ideas to get something meaty and fun. This is what heavy metal is meant to be about, breaking boundaries but still very accessible, I'm very excited for the future of this band and the hard rocking madness to come!

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