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Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Oversight-Far From Gone

I have a weakness for pop punk, I don't know why, it just reminds me of childhood, it's strangely beautiful, and sometimes it even makes me cry a little. Does that make me some sort of weak heavy metal softie? Probably. In the long run though, music like that which The Oversight put out on Far From Gone reflects something about my generation. We're kids who grew up on artificial drink mixes and fascistic churches, something pure and honest is what we need to make it through our day to day existence.

For a five song EP, The Oversight succeed in capturing a pretty diverse mixture of emotions. While the record is predominantly fairly sad there are definitely a lot of very happy and triumphant moments here too. There's something about pop punk in the way that it can reflect the totality of human emotion in just a few short minutes, not a lot of genres of music can claim to do that! So sure, one of my earbuds died while writing this review and I'm going to need a new pair even though I'm already broke, but that's not the point! The point is simply that The Oversight get pop punk and by extension they get the human experience.

The stellar waves of production on Far From Gone are going to capture your heart and hold you in thrall to the sort of magic that few other bands can really compare too. The Oversight understand what pop punk is all about and their stellar songwriting, crisp production and distinctly human vocal lines will keep you interested for many a spin. The record is concise and fun, I've spun it maybe five times now and am still finding cool new twists and turns. Open your heart and join the music, maybe you'll find all is one. 

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