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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rage Nucleaire-Black Storm of Violence

Rage Nucleaire are the Canadian black metal band who impressed legions of fans across the globe with their stunning debut Unrelenting Fucking Hatred. Now the almighty Lord Worm and his crew is back with an even better record, the appropriately titled Black Storm of Violence a release that is, if nothing else, possibly the most hateful black metal release of the year. Rage Nucleaire are impressive simply from how evil they sound, blazing forward with an all out attack that leaves you a thrall to the crushing might of the black metal holocaust.

Black Storm of Violence immediately captures the imagination with a drawn out attack that leaves you feeling weak at the knees. These guys storm forward, impossible to stop by traditional means. Instead the band thrive as a force of pure darkness. If you thought Unrelenting Fucking Hatred was evil, you ain't seen nothing yet. Black Storm of Violence uses more vocal effects and shows Rage Nucleaire sounding even more inhuman and unholy. The bass drum driven attack rarely lets up, and when it does it's to showcase riffs that are so startlingly evil I don't even know how to begin describing them. Blasting this record is like being plunged into hell.

Rage Nucleaire proved on their first record that they knew how to write top notch songs, this new record reaffirms that but goes a step further. It speaks to the utterly screwed up nature of the band, a sort of darkness so profound and genuine it leaves you feeling scared. Quite a few steps ahead of its predecessor this record speaks well to the future of the band and will surely be making it's way onto some "Best of 2014" lists. Embrace the evil and fall into the pit, Rage Nucleaire are waiting for you with open arms and bloody pointed teeth.

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