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Friday, July 11, 2014

Reciprocal-New Order of the Ages

I love Carcass, and by extension, I love bands who sound like Carcass. It so follows that I love Reciprocal. However, I'm not doing them justice, these guys are far more than mere Carcass clones, as evidenced by their new record New Order of the Ages a fiercely political and very intelligent death metal release that uses a lot of technical elements to communicate what I view as a an essentially anarchist message. Did I make the record sound a lot more pretentious than it actually is? Probably. In simpler terms, Reciprocal have put out some damn tight death metal.

See, Reciprocal understand the genre, and they put in all sorts of unique frills that reinforce this. A New Order of the Ages fully grasps not just the brutality of death metal, but the brutality of life. They call out the hypocrisy of the American government and encourage us to open our minds and find our way in a dark world that none of us can truly understand. Perhaps the close of Tyrannicide, an epic death metal track puts it best when it quotes a variety of lies from important American political figures. Reciprocal have a very real hate driven by having been lied too for years and years by people who claim to know what is 'best' for America. This is the kind of educational brilliance that metal is so great at delivering.

Reciprocal drive forward, piece by bloody piece, giving the listener the sort of satanic ear candy that drives so many mothers crazy. As I sit here wrapping up the first beer of the night, I've got to say, Reciprocal have what it takes to be this generations death metal lords. They bring in a lot cool modern death metal elements to compliment their Carcass derived sound and the epic bass fills and flashy guitar parts leave me feeling satisfied and content. A band made up of skilled songwriters and men with a great sense of harmony and balance, New Order of the Ages is death metal done right.

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