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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Unscarred-100 Lashes

Well it finally happened, Unscarred, the band who I have perhaps covered the most on this blog in the last year have got a full length together. Strangely enough this particular record hit my inbox almost exactly a year after I first met the band and they changed my life forever. In the months I spent in Paris I got to see them more than a dozen times, and all of the songs on their debut release 100 Lashes have been a huge part of my life for the last year. So to hear the band ringing out triumphantly with thrashy riffs and incredibly fast blast beats is simply a dream come true.

From the first you know that Unscarred have put together one of the best thrash metal albums of the year, and they know it. The album opener, Refused, is the kind of hard hitting thrash attack that pays tribute to the glory of a band who seem prone to take over the world. With huge choruses and a lot of exciting changing dynamics 100 Lashes is a distinctly fascinating record. Many of the tracks on this album, namely pieces like Rise and Reborn are multi-part epics that allow for a whole realm of human emotions to roar through your speakers. With five new songs accompanying four of the best cuts from their demo, their is somethign for every fan here, and it's easy to dig in to the glory that is 100 Lashes.

Simply put, regardless of whether this was my friends record or not, I certainly would have to say this; 100 Lashes is a testament to the never ending glory of thrash, fast, furious, and proud of it. This record is a blast to listen too and could provoke circle pits across the globe. Niloofar's voice has been allowed to scream out harsher and more powerful than ever before. Songs like Cross the Line have proven the undying magic of her music. So come on in and feel the unholy grooves of a band who seemed destined to come out on top of the French metal scene.

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