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Friday, August 15, 2014


I first was exposed to Infinien about 8 days ago when I caught them as the first band on the bill opening for Cynic. Right away I was impressed by their far out jazzy sound with its dynamic changes and twists and turns. Infinien certainly know where it's at. They have a sense of jazz-rock mastery to their sound that allows them to soar beyond what many of their peers. In the topsy turvy soundscape that define the music on Infinien it's just about possible to find a sense of inner peace. As you climb aboard this rolling ship, take heed, things may not end up as you predict them too.

The virtuosic element of this band is incredible. The bass lines are rollicking, going all over the fretboard with ease. The guitar parts use a lot of really cool chord structures and often leave you begging for more from the melodic content. The same goes for the keys which seem to provide a sort of aural padding to the very spread out attack of this band. I think the thing that impresses me the most is the vocals. The bands frontwoman (Who is also the keyboardist) is a talented jazz singer and her voice runs up and down scales and arpeggios leaving you grasping desperately for a sense of where we fit in. Infinien get it and their unique take on this brand of jazz fusion is a blast to hear come together.

I find it really comforting that these guys are starting to get some breaks. They have the kind of sound that will leave you struggling to understand, yet also strangely content. The majestic caresses of the vocal lines and the startling melodic lines leave you in awe, proving the eternal might of a band who seem destined to succeed. Sure their sound is pretty 'out there' and hard for non jazz guys to grasp, but there is something very human about Infinien. So I sit here and type, happy with the fact that this young Pennsylvania group has given me a chance to glimpse something more.

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