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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Furor-Impending Revelation

Blackened thrash metal is rapidly becoming one of my favorite genres of metal. That glorious mix of thrash metals rage with blackened hatred creates music that is extremely real feeling. A one man project from the drummer of Impiety, this is the kind of hyper speed record that drives right into the gut, leaving you a slave to the crushing might of a band who doesn't feel the need to follow the rules. Louise Rando (Dizazter to some of you) has proved that he is far greater than just Impiety, and in fact, The Furor might be an even better project.

Part of the glory of Impending Revelation is that the drums seem to have a special place in the mix. This might make sense for a drummers solo project, but the point is that it helps to make the songs on Impending Revelation a lot punchier. The vocals have a wonderful black metal hatred behind them with all sorts of powerful screams roaring out and ripping out the hearts of the innocent. Toss in guitar riffs that have the sort of blazing black metal magic that draws so many of us to the genre and you start to get a sense for the triumph might found on this record. The only band who has really done anything similar from a sheer rage perspective might be Endstille.

So, simply put, there may be no better way to spend your Labor Day than enjoying the fruit of the labor of one of metals greatest drummers. This record proves Dizazter to be not just an excellent musician but a gifted songwriter with a knack for crafting fairly iconoclastic and hard hitting pieces. An album filled with triumphant solos and riffs you can really latch on too Impending Revelation is much like the drum beats on much of this record, a blast. Dive into the pit and prepare to rip off a couple of faces, The Furor brings all the hatred you need to get through another week in hell.

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