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Saturday, September 27, 2014


Keeping the Black Dog at Bay cover art

Another day, another band, another way to look forward into that sempiternal pit which we all must face sooner or later. So why not fill the time between now and said pit with some really good music? So come on in and dig in to today's band with me, the Salt Lake City based band whose heavy sound defies genres. While I might try to tie them into ideas like 'post hardcore' (In the proper sense of the term and not the bullshit that dominates today's market) they are so much more than that. Dustbloom are one of those bands who are doing something different, but that also fits within the greater context of past work, it's possible to see where these guys are coming from, but it's hard to compare them to other bands. In terms of vibes I might say they are close to The Mars Volta or Fugazi, but they are so much more than that, and it makes me excited to see what they do next. With a fair amount of material out so far (Including a split with Huldra) I'm excited to hear how they evolve, they have a lot of good ideas, and I feel like they could go far.

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