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Friday, September 26, 2014

Annihilation - The Undivided

Annihilation was formed in Portugal in early 2004, with the ambitious goal of creating it's own breed of Death Metal. The Undivided, first part of their self-released two-part conceptual  work about the cycle of destruction and creation is definite proof that they have reached their goal. Each song is a block of the narrative ,which has its beginning tied to the end through the minimalist pieces The Undivided and ...Wholeness..., respectively.

After the opening and the intro of Holographic Paradigm, I was expecting another atmospheric album for my stream of great reviews. Soon, a quick change of texture caught me off-guard, and I was struck by cold, brutal Technical Death Metal of the finest European quality. The track ends with an incredible minute long neoclassical guitar solo that left me craving for more.

Transcending Consciousness explodes in technicality, showing the band's skillful changes in texture, melodious riffs, and  well-constructed harmonies. Feeding The Void follows with guitar duets,and tasteful arpeggiated lines. The Great Cycle finally signals the end with bursts of controlled chaos and more beautiful melodies.

The Undivided is an incredible combination of beautiful and brutal music, certainly a modern classic. I cannot wait for the second part of this work to come out.

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