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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Silence the Sky

Groovy and progressive death metal with a bite, such is the Silence the Sky sound. There is a wonderful sense of urgency that helps to define their music and is apparent right off the bat with songs like Jenova. With a couple of releases already out, and a rapidly accelerating sense of songwriting, these guys are truly enjoyable to listen too. The grooves on some of these songs is going to drive its way into your heart. Ultimately, what makes Silence the Sky special for me is the way they perfectly balance proggy madness with something a little bit more mainstream. These guys are not afraid to do stuff that's a little crazy, but I could see your average metal dude very much enjoying it. Another aspect of the Silence the Sky sound that refuses to be ignored are the vicious growls. They are oftentimes simply unholy and a lot of fun to listen too. Simply put, this is the kind of thing that finds its way onto your playlist and stays. Silence the Sky is music with depth and all the better because of it.

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