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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Audrey Horne-Pure Heavy

When it comes to crunchy good old rock and roll in the modern context, you often can't get better than Audrey Horne. These guys have a fun sound that is polished to perfection and showcases a great understanding of pure songwriting. Yet another example of how Napalm Records is one of the best hard rock labels in the world today, their new record Pure Heavy is going to keep your head banging and body shaking to Ozzy-esque jams that show a deep understanding of rock and roll. Let it consume your soul, these grooves are worth worshiping

Audrey Horne have always been dedicated to invoking the power of the old gods. Yet, as per their past output, something about Pure Heavy indicates that it could only have really been made in 2014. This record is not only an example of grand old songwriting, the top notch production and multi layered productions show us how far hard rock has come. Ultimately though, the beauty of this band lies in the fact that there is something vaguely familiar about it. Much like your first exposure to a group like Fastway, which you might not discover in your first exploration of the NWOBHM. It feels like it belongs to the movement, but has a glorious twist on it that keeps you excited. Pure Heavy feels like the NWOBHM record you always meant to check out but never found the time to.

So let this recrod take control, Audrey Horne know exactly what they are doing in large part because they have been doing it for more than a decade. The lyrics will draw you in and inoke a sound that you may have thought forgot, Pure Heavy is just that, old school heavy metal that is simply put, pure. They understand what the fans want and deliver with aplomb. I get a good vibe from these guys and I think they will be doing some exciting stuff as they grow bigger. Perhaps, this may finally be the record that gets the band the recognition they so readily deserve!

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