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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Greater Victory

The Greater Victory are a very cool alt rock band from northern Pennsylvania. I first saw these guys a couple days ago in a tiny club, I would have reviewed their show, but I was the one who booked them and that's kinda screwed up ya know? Here's the thing about this band though, they have a beautiful sense of sadness to them that few of their peers can compare too. Sure they might not have crazy chops or anything, but that's not the point. This music is a veritable chicken soup for the suffering soul, there is something extremely comforting to me about the music of The Greater Victory. They do rock and roll right, they honor a formula that is not fatal to the flesh, but instead strangely triumphant. Perhaps the secret is in the bands name, their sound, despite being sad points towards something happier. Maybe the entire point of this band is to show us to our own greater victory, and even if it isn't, this is still some damn good music.

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