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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Death Monger, Haldol, Electro Insides and Cape of Bats at the Pariah in Philadelphia

A new punk house to explore is always an august occasion, especially one as cool as the Pariah on a night as exciting as this. Black metal rage coming together with punk rock chaos, this was a night to remember with a variety of powerful and oftentimes rather evil bands taking the stage (or at least 'performance area') to give the Philadelphia underground extreme music faithful a chance to see some of the most exciting acts going on right now. This is what the scene is all about, and by Thor is it good.

Death Monger where the first band to play, featuring Frank from Cape of Bats and my friend Matt who really knows how to thrash it up. Their sound was a blend of genres, but seemed to come off the most with a rich black metal vibe. The vocals were harsh and unforgiving, creating a vast well of sound which the musicians explored throughout the set. They were engaging to watch and had a wondrous vibe of destruction about them. If nothing else, they put on a fun show and are in many ways the perfect underground band. They're loose and vicious, and at this level, what more could you want?

Up next was Haldol who played some tight punk rock and their attack was rather destructive. Though the vocals were barely audible they were a truly engaging act. A bit of a pit broke out during their set and I rapidly fell in love with this trios incredible energy. Though they still seem to be starting out, they definitely have a sense of what they want to do, and their driving chords and ferocious rhythms certainly kept me engaged for the entire set. There is something mesmerizing about watching a punk band like Haldol in the basement of a punk house as good as the Pariah, its the perfect venue for this kind of music and I love it.

Coming all the way from Brooklyn, Electro Insides brought the girl power with three demonic weedwitches and a dude playing some hooky hardcore punk that got me bringing the mosh. There riffs are powerful and go straight for the throat, they understand what punk rock is about. Part of what made watching them so enjoyable for me was that they clearly looked like they were having a good time, jamming out to a room full of strangers in a tiny basement. There is a very distinct flavor to what Electro Insides do and they really impressed me. If they can keep building on this strong basis then their future could be very bright indeed.

The evening closed out with a memorable (if very short) performance from Cape of Bats. They brought the black metal rage and were at times almost mesmerizing. The punk rock energy that characterizes their sound though kept me on my toes and begging for more. When they finished I think everyone was a little disappointed, they clearly know what they're doing when they take the stage. With what is quite possibly their strongest lineup yet, they blazed through some really tight songs and got the entire crowd to fall in love with the bleak soundscapes they create. Sure they play by their own rules, but thats simply because they get what black metal is all about.

As the night came to an end and I helped with load out (and tried to deal with an upset stomach) I took a moment to reflect on how wonderfully cool this entire evening had been. Yes, the Cape himself has to go back to Ireland to reflect upon his sins for a while, and Electro Insides probably won't play Philly for a while, but this was still a night to remember. Connections were made, friendships forged, and a whole lot of music was blasted. Nights like this allow the underground to continue to exist, and so this evening will ring on in our hearts throughout the holiday season.

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