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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Jury And The Saints - S/T

Last night I did something a little strange, even for me, I took my little sister out to see Modern Baseball, I was fairly impressed even though the music wasn't really for me. Perhaps the aftereffects of that show are still resonating within me, because I'm finding the powerful pop punk tinged vibes of The Jury And The Saints speaking to me in a wonderfully profound voice. Although often rather rough these songs have a wonderful and undeniable pop element to them that gets me bopping around as I jam to some of the most invigorating rock music I've heard all year. 

See, these guys know how to write a good song, and that is what really gets me off. The Jury And The Saints are, simply put, fun to listen too. They understand what the spirit of rock and roll is all about and they have none of the pretentious and oftentimes saccharine ideas that pollute so much of what rock and roll music has become these days. Sure this is only their sophomore release but they're doing some very exciting things and I'm definitely not going to complain if this is the direction that they choose to follow for the rest of their careers. These New Zealanders have an output that is, while not paradigm shifting, certainly enlightening.

Raw and unashamed of its own primitive glory, The Jury And The Saints are clear masters of their craft. Ranging from powerful arena rock to simple and beautiful punk nihilism The Jury And The Saints never fail to impress and I'm excited for what their future holds. This is the kind of band who speak to the human condition and I am never going to forget that. There is a true artistry to their music that goes beyond mere songwriting and into the very souls of the songs themselves, and that is what makes The Jury And The Saints worth listening too!

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