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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Depraved - Dive Into Psycho Terror

Depraved are a French deathgrind band who seem intent on ripping your face off. Sure there music is fast and loud, but they have enough songwriting chops to pull of three or four minute long songs. It brings you into a unique sound world of loud beats and terrifying screams. Toss in demented and perverse vocal lines and you start to get a sense for the sublime evil that Depraved are on about. The French have always been able to put out some top notch grindcore, Dive Into Psycho Terror is just the latest example of that.

See, there is a sort of primal joy that I get out of the wonderfully primitive attack Depraved have on Dive Into Psycho Terror. These songs aren't going to be taken lightly, in fact they tear your face off and drive you into the ground, they prove that Depraved know how to write some top notch tunes. It's a joy to dig into their music, and though there is nothing revolutionary going on here, you can definitely enjoy it for a few spins. As you dive into the psychotic terrors that Depraved depict you start to get a sense for the tortured reality they must face. It's gloriously demented and its intricacies may shock and horrify you, but that makes it all the better.

From its epic intro to the groove filled riffs that dominate songs like Between Life 'n Death it's hard to hate on Dive Into Psycho Terror. It's just the sound of a group of friends having fun and making a wonderfully destructive sound. These guys are clearly talented and have the potential to go far. Never striving to be more than they are, Depraved like it fast and loose and that makes it easy to get in too. Though Dive Into Psycho Terror isn't the album of the year it's certainly one that freaks and geeks like myself will get into and tell their friends about, so fetch and filled with hatred, Depraved understand what deathgrind is all about. 

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