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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pryapisme - Futurologie

Here's a fact for ya, in 2014, it's almost impossible to create a record that is truly unique, something iconoclastic and innovative. So when a band releases a 23 minute EP alongside a 23 minute long orchestral version you look up and take notice. The very definition of avant garde Pryapisme's Futurologie is a masterpiece, proof that there are still interesting and exciting musical ideas out there that we can explore and really get in too. The only record this is at all comparable to is this years release by Lazer/Wulf and that record is cleaning up on top 10 lists... clearly Pryapisme are on to something.

The wonderfully arranged keyboards and chunky guitar parts that define the non-orchestral part of this record are tastefully done. See, the songs on Futurologie often have no tonal center or real sense of rhythm, but that doesn't mean the forward momentum is lost. As you explore this record you actually find an incredible sense of fate guiding you on. As voices blurt out in French and strange chords pop up out of nowhere Pryapisme prove that they are the true masters. These songs are incredible well crafted, alternating between grinding madness and pastoral soundscapes, what more could you want?

These songs are nothing if not attention getting. Futurologie shows a band in their prime, putting out what is the best record of the career and seemingly destined to keep releasing more of their joyous bounty upon the earth. Pryapisme are going to capture your imagination with their techno beats and screaming guitars. Talkbox solos slot in nicely with fancy keyboard parts, and it all goes under the same coherent vibe. Pryapisme get what the future of music holds and when they put it onto the record, you know you're in for a good time!

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