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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Desert Storm - Omniscient

Groovy down tuned rock and roll that reeks of old school power, that is what Desert Storm is all about. These guys are bringing the rock and roll madness up to eleven with doom laden stoner rock that is truly enjoyable to listen to. Although it doesn't seem to break any boundaries, Desert Storms new record Omniscient is certainly enjoyable and will keep most fans satisfied for at least a handful of spins. These songs hit you right in the gut and keep you going for hours, in other words, it's what stoner rock was always meant to be.

I think a big part of what makes Omniscient so enjoyable is the supremely gritty vocals. They bring in a sense of antediluvian might to the album and give the entire thing a wonderful sense of darkness. The heavier, almost sorrowful half time parts create a crushing sense of despair that will leave you on bended knee, forced to acknowledge the power and the glory of the riff above all else. These songs are very well constructed and that just adds to the staying power of the album. The occasional acoustic breaks not only add a nice touch of diversity but help to accentuate the power of the crushing riffs that dominate this record.

Stoner rock is by nature a fairly simplistic genre. It's never been something to blow you away with technicality or innovation, and Desert Storm understand that. They are simply chugging along using tried and true formulas to make something that approaches greatness. Let these grooves wind their way into your heart this holiday season and look for a sense of hope as we plow forth into an ever darkening world. Stoner rock remains constant, and when all is said and done it may very well be our salvation.

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