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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Planning For Burial/Liar In Wait Split

Christmas day has always been a weird time for me, such a mix of emotions, truly understanding what the holiday is all about, and simply trying to make it perfect is a lot of stress. But now that the friends are out the door and the family is getting ready to go to sleep what better way to calm down than an ethereal and oftentimes magical single from two beautifully dark and wonderfully sad bands. Planning For Burial and Liar In Wait are both bands starting to make a name for themselves, and digging into this particular gem is a true pleasure.

Planning For Burial kick off the split with Mischief Night, five and a half minutes of vaguely out there ambient music with touches of noise. While perhaps not exactly 'music' in the common sense of the term, there is still certainly something highly enjoyable and oftentimes rather mystical about the sounds embodied by the band. They are in fact nicely contributed by Liar In Wait's slightly more substantial contribution to the split, Paper Houses. While still not conventional by any means, it certainly sounds a bit more like a song and gives the listener something to latch on to before leaving them for good.

In short, Planning For Burial and Liar In Wait have both managed to contribute something special to this seven inch, making it the kind of thing that I know I will treasure and spin again and again. The perfect ending to a stressful and often terrifying Yuletide season this record understands what it's all about. Unafraid of taking you back to the primitive and giving us a sense of hope despite the darkness of modern life, these guys are all true masters of their respective crafts. So open the box and dive into these glorious soundscapes, this split offers a step towards salvation.

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