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Friday, December 26, 2014

Promethean Horde - Ashes of the Empyrean

Boxing Day is a weird day every year. It's like we still have the collective hangover of Christmas but have yet to embrace the true demented madness of the New Years celebrations. What better way to get jarred out of this than some harsh black metal in the form of Promethean Hordes new record Ashes of the Empyrean? Eleven tracks of blazing fury tempered with touches of pagan metal and even a little death metal here and there, Promethean Horde have created something truly interesting and memorable with their latest release.

The pagan touches help to make this record far more enjoyable. Though the basis is definitely black metal, the way that some of these grooves come together in black metal fury to get something wonderfully distinct is very tasty. Tampa Bay is usually more known for black metal, but the distinctly atavistic touches that these guys bring into their music show that the region deserves to be known for much more. Simply put, Promethean Horde are a blast to listen to and will keep your head banging for many a spin. These songs are wonderfully crafted and prove the sheer dominance these guys deserve to have over their genre.

As you head into bleak songs like Ordogszereto it is possible to get a glimpse of the truth. Promethean Horde are building towards something great and their sound, replete with bass frills and unholy grooves, is fairly unique. I get the sense that as they gallop into the sunset, the new dawn will see them rising above their peers and proving their mettle. I predict big things to happen for this band Ashes of the Empyrean, while not quite a masterpiece, is damn good, and I get the sense these guys will only get better from here.

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