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Saturday, February 14, 2015


Low of Wisdom cover art

Whoever said black metal was tired out and done has never heard Dahakara. A band who have yet to live up to their full potential but provide a potent mix of black metal styles, Dahakara have managed to put together something almost magical, the sort of triumphant black metal slaughter that proves this music doesn't need to be violent to succeed. There is something almost transcendent about more ambient tracks like Majoris, as if these guys are turned on to a more poignant, and perhaps more brutal reality. There is a very real darkness found in the Dahakara sound, one that you may not want to initially embrace. But beyond that, there is something that is real something that proves the bleak realities Dahakara paint to have value and artistic merit. With its only release on 30 cassettes, these guys understand the understated old school power black metal should have, while bringing in epic instrumentation and artistry to keep things fresh. Dahakara is black metal for a new generation.

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