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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Answer - Raise A Little Hell

Lately Napalm Records has been putting out some really good rock records and they have given me new hope for the music that Chuck Berry created 60 years ago. Today, The Answer come straight at you from Northern Ireland with a powerful sound that is reminiscent of classic acts, yet has enough millennial bite to keep it interesting for fans today. With big choruses and powerful guitarmonies, The Answer will capture your imagination within seconds and have you singing along before the end of the first song.

The grooves on Raise A Little Hell are immediately palatable, it gives the music a distinct flavor. A part of this too seems to be the guitar tone which is just jangly enough to be vintage but has a slight twist to it that keeps things fresh. The open chords on songs like The Other Side work nicely with this tone, but so do tasty lead lines that are found throughout the record. The band has been able to construct something unique that still falls within the grand tradition of classic rock. There is a certain poetry to these songs that speaks of long hair and summer nights roaring down the highways of Middle America. The Answer may not be a modern Led Zeppelin but they sure are damn good.

These Irishmen have seemingly taken the entire spectrum of classic rock and managed to condense it into a band, hell, within the folksy Thin Lizzy vibes we can still find elements of glam. Couched within the sonic layers there is a lot more going on than might initially meet the ear. As it stands though, The Answer have a fun sound that's going to make you want to spin this record again and again. Let the grooves wind their way into your soul and fall back in love with the 70s, the music is calling your name.

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