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Monday, February 23, 2015

Dead Earth Politics - Men Become Gods

I've been into Dead Earth Politics for a while now, and after seeing them for the first time in Texas back in October I knew they were on to something special. An incredible progression from their last release Queen of Steel this new album, Men Become Gods speaks to a sort of greater metal spirit. Everything has advanced with this release and it shows me that Dead Earth Politics really have what it takes to stand tall as one of the best and brightest bands coming out of Texas's vibrant scene right now.

The most significant progression from Queen of Steel is definitely in the vocal palate. The things the bands frontman, Ven Scott, does on this record are an incredible progression from previous efforts. Meanwhile, the guitar lines are more melodic than ever and make use of guitarmonies to keep things fun. That being said, the chuggy attack on tracks like Men Become Gods fits in nicely with the general flow of the record and keeps things interesting. The production feels wide open, the sort of thing even non metal fans could easily get in too. These guys aren't overly intimidating and they have a lot of potential simply as a gateway act.

At the end of the day, Men Become Gods has the ability to enlighten you and grant you the sort of peace of mind that is hard to come by these days. In a world where all seems hellbent against us and the future looks ever more dismal, Dead Earth Politics provide a way forward and give you the strength to carry on. These songs are groovy and poignant, using big choruses to draw you in and powerful riffs to keep the listener hooked. Clearly on the verge of something big, I'm excited for what's to come for Dead Earth Politics!

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