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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Psycroptic - S/T

I've always found something distinctly badass about Psycroptic. Maybe it's the fact that they're from Tasmania and had to deal with all manner of terrors growing up, maybe its the intense lyrical themes that inspire the imagination, or perhaps it's just the killer riffs. At the end of the day, their new self titled record sees the band growing, and perhaps finding a path forward in this doomed day and age. These songs are wonderfully epic, and the bands power as an ideological and emotional force has only grown.

There is a distinct ferocity to this record, it speaks to going back to the bands roots. While perhaps not as dense as the first couple record, Psycroptic still provides plenty of challenging material. The band does tend to focus a bit more on groove on this record and songs like Setting The Skies Ablaze find a clear balance between technical ecstasy and catchier moments. The profound evolution the band has experienced over the course of their career is perhaps most clear on this record. While it is certainly miles away from The Isle of Disenchantment, fans of The Inherited Repression will definitely have fun with this album.

Perhaps their most anthemic release, Psycroptic sees the band ready to take on the world. With speedy circle pit inducing riffs stuck next to jazzy explorations, this album has it all and will keep your head banging for multiple listens. Eternally fresh and ripe with flavor it seems that Psycroptic have aged with grace. Still impossibly technical, yet now a bit more accessible, Psycroptic seem ready to set the world on fire once again, with tours coming up and the album release mere weeks away, the future has perhaps never been brighter!

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